25+ awesome redesign concepts

Not every designer gets the chance to work on a high-profile redesign. In fact, the vast majority will never have that chance. At least not officially.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have some amazing ideas about how sites like Facebook, Twitter, CNN, and other big-name sites should look.

That’s why a lot of designers take on conceptual redesigns of high-profile sites as personal projects. Designers aren’t constrained by a client spec when working on solo projects like this, meaning they’re free to innovate and take risks.

Here I’ve rounded up more than two dozen awesome redesign concepts for sites like Amazon, IMDb, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, and more, to inspire you to tackle your own concept designs.

TD Bank

TD Bank’s current website is probably among the worst bank websites out there. It’s bland, boring, and not particularly easy to navigate. This concept, from John Kumahara, is a huge improvement over their current design. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and well-laid-out.

td bank


MTV.com has a great website to begin with, but this darker, slightly grungier design is an interesting take on the brand. It’s a bit more sophisticated and understated than their current website.



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How B2B Marketers are Benefiting from Facebook

The story of Apollo 13 astronauts trying desperately to get back to Earth after a failed mission has a lesson for B2B marketers.

Astronauts used the moon’s gravitational pull to slingshot them so they had enough power left to get back to Earth.

B2B marketers: Facebook is your moon.

In the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, B2B marketers reported that they were far more likely to increase their use of LinkedIn and blogging than Facebook in the coming year.

But while Facebook may not be your final destination for marketing to B2B customers, it has incredible gravitational pull. Savvy marketers, like the astronauts aboard the Apollo 13 mission, can leverage that pull to take them where they want to go.

Here’s how one scrappy new B2B services company is doing just that.

The three-stage approach

Y Scouts, a small executive search firm that started in 2012 in the Phoenix area, needs to foster brand recall in a crowded field in an industry that frankly isn’t very sexy.

They’re meeting that challenge with a three-stage approach: 1) getting out of their seats, 2) leveraging with Facebook and 3) building relationships.

Organization: Y Scouts

Social Media Handles & Stats:


  • Daily website traffic increased 500% during the first month of the “What’s Your Why?” tour
  • Number of talent community applications up 500% during the first month of the “What’s Your Why?” tour
  • Total hours expended on the “What’s Your Why?” tour over four months: 100
  • Top three drivers of website traffic: 1) Google, 2) Facebook, 3) LinkedIn
  • Average time spent on the website from LinkedIn visitors is more than the average of Facebook and Twitter visitors combined

Less than a third of people who get up in the morning and go to work are enjoying their work and putting their heart, body and soul into it,” said Brian Mohr, co-founder and vice president of Y Scouts, citing a Gallup employee engagement survey. The survey showed that only 29% of American workers are engaged in and enthusiastic about their work.

Y Scouts believes in a purpose-based approach that matches the values and beliefs of companies and potential employees, rather than focusing on keyword commonality between résumés and job descriptions.

y scouts purpose based message

“We believe that is the only way to recruit,” said Mohr. “Engagement comes from believing in what you do.”

The challenge: spread their purpose-based message and foster brand recall amidst hundreds of other local staffing companies.

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Integrating content marketing strategies

Integrating content marketing strategies and mobile design! http://ow.ly/hZMO6

The Importance Of Video In The Content M

The Importance Of Video In The Content Marketing Mix
Most people believe that content marketing is simply the process of using “content” to attract links for SEO purposes and admittedly, to a certain extent, this is true. However, content marketing is much more than this; it’s the process of effectively marketing your business through the distribution of various forms of content and establishing yourself/your company as an authoritative figure within your industry. http://ow.ly/i/1ykQ4

8 Ways to Get More Leads for Your Business on LinkedIn

Do you want to acquire more traffic and leads from LinkedIn?

According to Experian Marketing Services, LinkedIn received 94M total U.S. visits in December 2012, an increase of 40% in traffic compared to December 2011.

So, whether you’re a B2B and/or B2C company, now is a great time to start leveraging LinkedIn to find and attract your target market.

Here are 8 ways to attract high-quality leads with LinkedIn.

#1: Add a Strong Call to Action and Link

Did you know you can add custom banners to your company page for free? And did you know each of these banners can link back to your site?

You can add up to three different linkable product banners (646 pixels x 222 pixels) to the Products & Services section of your company profile. This is a great way to funnel LinkedIn traffic to a webinar, case study or other type of targeted landing page.

product banner

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Social Media Marketing

Alibaba’s new Aliyun search engine raises the stakes in its feud with Google and Android

Chinese workers walk by the Alibaba head

Chinese ecommerce leader Alibaba has rolled out its own search engine in a move that will likely deepen the animosity between it and Google.

Last year, Google took action against Alibaba’s Aliyun OS ahead of a scheduled device launch with Acer. The spat became a highly public one as Android boss Andy Rubin and Alibaba’s CTO exchanged words.

Rejecting Google’s claims that Aliyun OS is a forked version of Android, Alibaba pledged not to deviate from its mobile strategy. The company did, however, move to put some distance between it and Aliyun OS by spinning off the division.

Alibaba’s strength in ecommerce and cloud computing usually results in comparisons to eBay and Amazon as western equivalents, but, as it diversifies its product portfolio, it’s increasingly coming into direct competition with Google. The new Aliyun search site, for example, offers specific searches for news, pictures and a beta version of maps. Alibaba began integrating Aliyun’s mapping service into its Taobao C2C marketplace last October.

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