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Google Analytics Rolls Out Solutions Gallery

The quest for the right Google Analytics dashboard, custom report or advanced segment generally begins with a problem that you cannot solve. Until now, you searched for others with your same problem and hoped they shared the solution in a blog post so you didn’t have to figure it out all by yourself. While there’s real value in solving your own issues, that take so much time to figure out; whereas, finding a solution that others have created is a win in my book.

Google Analytics Solution Gallery

Last week, Google announced an effort to make finding such solutions even more easily available for anyone using Google Analytics.  The Google Analytics Solution Gallery features solutions focused on campaigns dedicated to branding, e-commerce, lead generation and more.

The interface is a nice feature, and allows you to select the Type of report, the solution you seek, and the marketing function you want to track, giving you a list of related dashboards,advanced segments and custom reports. All are easy to install by simply clicking “download” and choosing the correct Analytics profile from your Analytics account.

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Google Analytics Rolls Out Solutions Gallery.